Detox & Yoga Retreat, July 2012

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'Wonderful lessons, excellent teacher!!!!' Tina 

'It was a deep mental and physical experience. I learned a lot about myself. It’s a gift for the rest of my life. I really appreciate Claudia’s teaching.'  Stephanie, France 

'I would definitely recommend this retreat and detox to my friends. Claudia is great. I had a wonderful week. Thank you!'  Li, Canada 

'I found Claudia to be excellent, very patient and focused. A great understanding of being able to relate to her class and teach a variety of people. I would recommend doing the yoga detox retreat to gain a better understanding of yourself, your diet and the road ahead on which you would like to focus.' Margaret, Australia 

'Magical. I think you inspired and touched each of us Claudia.' Lou, Australia 

'Just great!' Marcel, Hong Kong

'Very good. The lectures and the yoga classes were very good.' Mariko, Hong Kong 

Outstanding! Knowledgeable, caring and a great teacher. I learned so much about food, diet and have certainly improved my yoga practice. Do the seven day detox with Claudia and you will feel like your old self or even a new and improved self. It is absolutely worth the effort and energy, I feel better than I have in six months.  Jaime, USA 

Detox Workshop, The Shala, London, UK, September 2014

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'This was a really enjoyable session. No singing and dancing, just simple ideas and advice, a good starting point to make change.' Tracey Maduro
'I learned some excellent new practical tools to help me de-stress and focus the mind. Really enjoyed the workshop' Selina Fairclough
'Claudia is lovely, very approachable and obviously knows what she is talking about. After a few hours with her, I feel really motivated and better equipped to live a healthier life.' Manon Saussereau
'Incredible teaching. Great experience for any age, background or condition. Food is so important for all of us but so good to know how it  can support me without radical changes.' Jessica Short
'Very good. As a yoga novice I wasn’t’ sure what to expect, but this was a really great course, informative and inclusive discussions' Lydia Kirby
'I would really recommend Claudia and this workshop to anyone wanting an introduction to detoxing. It was practical for busy lives and I’ll definitely be making changes!' Emma
'Absolutely excellent! A fantastic weekend of gaining so much new knowledge and understanding of the body and how much everyday life can affect it.' Lorna West

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