Luxury 'Get Your Glow On' Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats

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'Mesmerising experience, well above any expectations. I would never have thought Id be able to sit still for 30 minutes! I feel incredibly energised and peaceful.' Luca, Italy

'The Wellness Source's 'Get Your Glow' On retreat certainly gave me a glow. From the first rate yoga and meditation and the excellent teaching, the superb quality and the imagination behind the vegetarian meals, the expert treatments, the luxury of the villa in it's secluded countryside setting with plenty of opportunity for walks and comfortable bedrooms, it was a unique mix of practice and pampering!!! Inspiring, motivating, empowering and nurturing!' Lucy, UK

'This was an amazing experience. The food was healthy and delicious, the teachers skilled and knowledgeable and caring, the massage exceptional. I was hoping to start the year renewed, relaxed and living a healthier life overall. This exceeded my expectations.' Kelly, USA

We have just finished an amazing time with Claudia Jones and Jacqueline Purnell in their Luxury Yoga Retreat in Ibiza. They have both created a mix of nutritional balance using outstanding culinary skills as well as the yoga sessions which have made us feel 200% better in only a few days. We also managed to get a couple of 2hr bike rides in the Ibiza countryside and the Therapeutic Massage was a good as we have experienced. We can recommend this week to everyone. We guarantee you will feel better for the experience. Big thank you to an amazing double act. We will be back!! Liliana and Bob, UK

'Jacqueline and Claudia are extremely knowledgeable about the holistic nature of the entire yoga practice which helped me to understand the point of my own physical practice. I feel like I have advanced a great deal over 5 days and am enthused to make a real change on my return home. I really would recommend this to everyone.' Harriet, UK

'Knowledgeable teaching and wholesome vegetarian food in a spectacular Ibizan location, with like-minded souls. What's not to like?! Thanks for a fantastic few days, full of renewal.' Josh, UK

'I am very happy to have shared this experience with my husband. We both enjoyed it very much and I hope it will change and improve our habits at home.' Margherita, Italy

'Excellent. Well worth gifting oneself this experience. I felt absolutely restored after a long standing injury and enjoyed the process too.' Lisa, Canada

'Ideal for people who want to escape from their everyday lives and 'restart' their bodies by meditating, eating clean, yoga, reducing coffee intake and bringing some of these habits home.' Maria, Russia

'Me and my wife are both from big, stressful cities, just the first night we started dreaming really intensely and found rest like we haven't for a long while.' Jaron, Germany    

Detox & Yoga Retreats

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'Wonderful lessons, excellent teacher!!!!' Tina 

'It was a deep mental and physical experience. I learned a lot about myself. It’s a gift for the rest of my life. I really appreciate Claudia’s teaching.'  Stephanie, France 

'I would definitely recommend this retreat and detox to my friends. Claudia is great. I had a wonderful week. Thank you!'  Li, Canada 

'I found Claudia to be excellent, very patient and focused. A great understanding of being able to relate to her class and teach a variety of people. I would recommend doing the yoga detox retreat to gain a better understanding of yourself, your diet and the road ahead on which you would like to focus.' Margaret, Australia 

'Magical. I think you inspired and touched each of us Claudia.' Lou, Australia 

'Just great!' Marcel, Hong Kong

'Very good. The lectures and the yoga classes were very good.' Mariko, Hong Kong 

Outstanding! Knowledgeable, caring and a great teacher. I learned so much about food, diet and have certainly improved my yoga practice. Do the seven day detox with Claudia and you will feel like your old self or even a new and improved self. It is absolutely worth the effort and energy, I feel better than I have in six months.  Jaime, USA 

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